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  • quand je fais une mise en prod http://t.co/aZ66rUtG http://t.co/69Dh79sx #lesjoiesducode 8 years 9 weeks ago
  • You know that you got a good password when you cannot recover it yourself 8 years 9 weeks ago
  • Checking out tutorials @DataStax http://t.co/QOHSIUjj while waiting for yesterday @pcmanus slides or video... 8 years 10 weeks ago
  • @pcmanus hello peut-on avoir les slides d'hier ? 8 years 10 weeks ago
  • Very nice talk about #cassandra by @pcmanus . Makes it easy to understand the product pros and cons 8 years 10 weeks ago
  • Late for cassandra presentation at @Ippon... 8 years 10 weeks ago
  • In the world "wild" web, the battle is never over... IE market shares dropped a lot in 4-10 years http://t.co/6Kbumcmj http://t.co/lK2Xtq1K 8 years 11 weeks ago
  • Upgraded to "The Precise Pangolin". Finally. #Ubuntu has always had problems with #grub upgrades... http://t.co/IJPfbxtx 8 years 11 weeks ago
  • Gave me some headache but I've finally refreshed http://nicobo.net 's theme with a new "latest tweets" block... 8 years 12 weeks ago
  • @alexlewando quand je te dis que tu iras loin... ;-) 8 years 15 weeks ago


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