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  • I am now a Professional #ScrumMaster ! http://t.co/mMGW7utxYH @scrumdotorg 3 years 10 weeks ago
  • @AirDroidTeam pdf, epub When 'download' is clicked, there's a quick loader in kobo's (Aura H2O) status bar then nothing 3 years 15 weeks ago
  • @AirDroidTeam I like airdroid but today I'm disappointed : downloading files does not work from kobo (it works with other apps) 3 years 15 weeks ago
  • @IFTTT What do you mean by "full control" ? Do we have access to the source code of the recipes ? Or fine-tuning the permissions ? 3 years 21 weeks ago
  • @IFTTT is awesome... BUT way too intrusive ! Why all those authorizations just to tweet or get updates from github for instance ? 3 years 21 weeks ago
  • @ParisWeb Impec ;-) 3 years 24 weeks ago
  • @ParisWeb Y a-t-il une vision "agenda" des conférences 2015 (ici sous forme de liste non ordonnée : https://t.co/G8B4QuKlcD) ? 3 years 24 weeks ago
  • @TheBrousse “@ParisAndroidUG Découvrez la e-santé avec le Hackathon @whathealthfr du 12 au 14 Juin à Paris : http://t.co/CRbuys8DgS” 3 years 26 weeks ago
  • @openelec YouTube add-on is broken is there a patch ? http://t.co/npuekUeHX3 3 years 26 weeks ago
  • @Delicious Android app does not launch anymore (since 5.1 OTA update, looks like). I've sent bug reports, are u working on it ? 3 years 29 weeks ago


graphism How to cook an egg with a Gimp

Here is a tutorial to draw an egg with Gimp.

With the following techniques, you will be able to build a realistic egg for a serious business (!) as well as a cartoonish one typically for a gamification usage ;-)

You will find the full Gimp source attached to this article, which I invite you to reuse at will.

The egg evolves !

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