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  • Last night I got #android 4.2.2 on my #nexus7 ! I'm getting accustomed to regular updates... It's not so bad... 8 years 13 weeks ago
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  • RT @AskJamesApp: Pour en savoir plus sur moi http://t.co/cyFf1WPs #askjames 8 years 13 weeks ago
  • My #AngryBirds Score app for #android : https://t.co/RwQDfUqe. A very limited app compared to the one of @louistouzet but it helps ! 8 years 15 weeks ago
  • Just pushed a 277Mb commit to http://t.co/bJgdwBL9 in a couple of minutes : nice tool ! And it's free #bitbucket 8 years 15 weeks ago
  • #android embeds http-client but not MultipartEntity ? Why not ? http://t.co/yxdmw0na 8 years 17 weeks ago
  • It's looking better and wastes less space on #Ubuntu though... #Eclipse #Juno 8 years 18 weeks ago
  • #Eclipse #Juno is ugly on XP. I now have to switch back to classic theme in addition to using traditional tabs http://t.co/yE3Y60hv #fail 8 years 18 weeks ago
  • Un très bon guide sur les tests de charge. Éléments essentiels et approche pragmatique. http://t.co/WYwgFYjW 8 years 18 weeks ago
  • RT @cedric_exbrayat: RT @hnycombinator: StackExchange average age of users for each tag http://t.co/YCgbdOOG 8 years 19 weeks ago


web2.0 Scaffolding the Web 2.0

Starting up with Web 2.0 development ?

Let's choose between three essentials tools to begin a new project !


android A paper backup for your private key

Android keychainAndroid requires developers to sign their applications with a digital certificate and that each future release be signed with the same certificate.

Sadly, bad things happen when the developer (you) looses access to the certificate : he (you) will not be able to release updates for the application without it. NeverEver.

Android does not currently support multiple certificates per application so the best you could do would be to release a new app with the same name, in the hope your users will find a way to it by themselves.

As years go on, you will change your computer, wipe USB keys, reinstall OS, ...
So many dangerous operations for your digital certificates, hidden among millions of files !
If, like me, you are anxious at the idea of losing your certificates or passwords, just print a paper copy !
Although it is not invulnerable, paper should be less prone to mass erasing than a simple electronic file.

The idea is simplenot new, and you just need to know two commands to get a printable hard copy of your certificate.

Let's start.

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