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  • @openelec YouTube add-on is broken is there a patch ? http://t.co/npuekUeHX3 3 years 17 weeks ago
  • @Delicious Android app does not launch anymore (since 5.1 OTA update, looks like). I've sent bug reports, are u working on it ? 3 years 19 weeks ago
  • @Groomboxfr appli introuvable sur #GoolePlay 3 years 20 weeks ago
  • #FirefoxHello Video chat without account : hope it's gonna be the standard ! https://t.co/0ChutMrHsN 3 years 29 weeks ago
  • RT @initializr: http://t.co/Hrgl0bZGlW is now serving H5BP 5.0! 3 years 32 weeks ago
  • APIs should not be copyrightable. No comment. http://t.co/Ke2OnStFSX 3 years 38 weeks ago
  • Just got a "retry in 20s" toast on the lock screen for the 1st time. Looks linked 2 #lollipop bug fixes http://t.co/n0juzwaQ4H 3 years 39 weeks ago
  • @nic0b0 Ha ! Finally.. #android5.0.1 up and running. Let's see what's new... 3 years 39 weeks ago
  • Just seen an #Android5.0.1 update notification on my phone then... nothing... ??? 3 years 40 weeks ago
  • Looks like there's going to be an #Android5.1 "#Lollipop fails: the 5 worst things about #Android 5.0" http://t.co/xa54ShFaLw 3 years 42 weeks ago


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