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  • Titanium straight test : 1st try : stock sample template made my phone crash & reboot. 2nd try : empty app created android 8 is missing. :-[ 7 years 48 weeks ago
  • #GooglePlay policy has changed "Ads must not simulate or impersonate system notifications or warnings." Cool ! http://t.co/Pyp1RgSk 7 years 49 weeks ago
  • IOS leads over Android as far as which 1 will win in enterprise marketplace - according to Appcelerator's may report http://t.co/zytDfOEF 7 years 49 weeks ago
  • Cannot simply ignore a file that's already in SVN control. Never bothered looking why. Old tool SVN... http://t.co/dkKO3eiP 7 years 49 weeks ago
  • "Good grammar is credibility, especially on the internet. [...] They are a projection of you in your physical absence." http://t.co/mJv0dUtb 7 years 49 weeks ago
  • @TheBrousse ok. Chapeau bas ! Cc @CedN 7 years 50 weeks ago
  • @TheBrousse au fait on peut savoir ce que fera cette appli ? cc @CedN 7 years 50 weeks ago
  • Tonight's @ParisAndroidUG : apps gain permissions of other apps in the same process 7 years 50 weeks ago
  • @TheBrousse ok. Bon a savoir ! 7 years 50 weeks ago
  • @TheBrousse bien dormi ? :-) c'est fait avec les api android ou titanium ? 7 years 50 weeks ago

Python versus Shell scripting : from experience

A quick "pros & cons" to choose between Python or Shell scripting, from what I've observed through the years.

This could probably apply to other high level script languages* vs shell.

* Like Ruby, but not like Perl, as it shares more with shells from my point of view, like unreadable syntax and execution speed.

Python vs Shell

Choose Python for :

  • its simple syntax : can be read even by non Python-speaking people. End users may not be scared to change scripts to fit their need.
  • portability : Python is actually more portable than shell because of ease of installation for any OS. Shell is theoretically portable but it's complicated to explain end users how to install the runtime (e.g. see cygwin). A Python script can be packaged into an executable program. There may be ways to bundle a script with the shell runtime.

Choose Shell for :

  • speed : except in case of bad code logic, shell scripts are usually a lot faster than Python's equivalents.
  • its ease to deal with external programs and system : shell's syntax is already made to test/pipe/chain easily existing programs, whereas Python requires some extra boilerplate. Shell also has built-in functions to deal directly with files and the system, whereas Python uses an object-oriented model, which may not be as handy.


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